Frequently Asked Questions

What type of paint do you use?

We use Sherwin-Williams Paints.

If there is a different paint brand or type you would like to use, we are more than happy to use that as well. Just ask!

What type of payments do you take?

Enrique's Painting accepts Cash, Credit cards & Checks.

Please note that we do NOT store credit/debit card numbers, nor do we share customer details with any 3rd parties.

What are your payment terms?

We ask for 30% on the first day of the job to pay for paint and other materials. We ask for the remaining balance after you have completed the walk through with the crew leader and we have completed the project as agreed.

50% Deposit for None Georgia Residents.


What do i need to get ready?

Please have all your colors ready before we start your project, move furniture at least 2 feet away from walls and remove all picture frames and decorations from walls. Our painting crews protect all furniture, fixtures and floors when they prepare the area, however we ask that you clear the room of small items and breakables. We can also help move bigger items for you when we arrive upon request. 

How soon can you start a job?

We can begin work within two weeks or sooner, depending on the situation.

How long will it take to paint my home?

The time varies based on the size of your project, We will provide an estimate of the number of days it will take us to complete your project.


Will Enrique's painting need water or electricity?

Yes. On exterior projects, we will need water to clean our brushes and power wash if required. On interior projects, we will need a place to clean our brushes and equipment. This will usually be performed outside unless a utility sink is available inside.

For both interior and exterior projects, we will need electricity to power our equipment.


Do you also repair drywall or rotten wood?

As a painting company that prides itself on quality and professionalism, we can repair holes and cracks in drywall before we start painting. We offer a variety of other services too, including repair of rotted wood, wood siding replacement, window sill repair and other small carpentry jobs. If it's not listed, just ask! 

What is your prepping process?

Interior Painting - We carefully move furniture, if necessary, we cover floors and furniture with drop cloths and/or plastic, We remove electrical plates from walls, we patch, sand and prepare the walls, trim and ceilings as needed to repair cracks, scratches, and other blemishes, we skillfully apply putty and caulk to the trim work where needed, we clean up after ourselves throughly each day so that your family can live as normally as possible, we return all furniture back into position when the project is completed.

Exterior Painting - We thoroughly pressure wash all areas to be painted. This removes all mildew and debris to ensure a solid foundation for the new coats of paint, we hand scrape any loose or peeling paint not removed from the pressure washing, we apply a coat of primer to any bare wood or metal to make sure the outer coat of paint lasts, we caulk joints of wood, siding, windows, and doors to create a strong, protective seal, we complete any carpentry repairs included in the contract to provide a long-lasting result and we thoroughly clean up after ourselves each day.

On the final day when we are finished our crew leader will let you know and you can do a walk-through with him to ensure that we have completed the job as agreed. We complete any touch-ups needed at that time.

Can i leave my home while your painting crew works?

Certainly! While you are at work, running errands or on vacation, our crew will be busy prepping and painting your home. in fact, most of our clients prefer to be gone while the work is in progress. We do not sub-contract our painters. Our crews work full-time for us and only us. Most of our painters have worked for us for years, we trust them and you can too.

What happens a month after you complete my project and i find a touch up?

You may either call, text or email us and we promise to respond immediately and address the issue as soon as possible.

Do you provide touch up paint after you are finished?

We sure do! Once we've completed painting, we provide all leftover paint for touch-ups.

Are you insured?

Yes, Enrique's Painting is fully insured and we are happy to provide a copy of our policy.

Do you offer warranty?

Enrique's Painting stands behind its work. We offer you a Two year warranty, so you can rest assured that our workmanship will last to protect your home from the elements. WARRANTY